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THE SPUNG: The Spung resemble salamander people. They are cranky, scary, and gypsy-like. You never know when a school of spung-ships will pop up. They are the stuff of Radu's nightmares.

THE LOOGEEZ: A slimy alien race. Extremely short, they spit and secrete gak-type ooze constantly. They are very energetic, friendly, and eager to please. They are also gross. The friendlier they get, the more ooze they squirt. The kids love them, and the adults can't stand them (which, of course, makes the kids love them all the more.) The Loogeez run outposts similar to 7-Elevens in space called PRUBBIES. The Christa stops there every so often for some supplies... plus the occasional YIK (Yiks are the equivalent of slurpies.)

REAVER: The most dreaded space pirate in the galaxy. Swaggering, loud, confident, and Goddard's old enemy. He has a blustering facade and comes across as almost comic opera... but there's an undercurrent of deadliness to him. Scouring star systems in his heavily armed ship, the Butt-Kicker, he will always have the Christa outgunned at any given time... and yet the kids and Goddard will always manage to outwit him, usually playing upon his copious ego.

TOM CHUCKEE AND GOO: Tom is a five-year-old show business mogul, and Goo, his yes-man sidekick. He will occasionally show up with some new way to try and exploit our heros.