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Nickelodeon has stopped producing any more episodes of Space Cases, despite it's popularity. To help save the show, see the Campaign page.

Currently, Space Cases is not being shown in the United States. The rights to air the show are still in the hands of Nickelodeon.
However, the show still airs in Canada on a regular basis on their Family Channel. See the Canadian Family Channel's Space Cases website for a schedule.

Space Cases is a science fiction show about a collection of five space cadets that snuck aboard an alien space ship. A busted-in-rank commander and the Staracademy vice-principal chased after them onto the ship, and the ship almost immediately got lost in space by traveling through a spacial rip. It will take all seven of them working together to get home... that, and about seven years of space travel.

Along the way, they learn more about one another, and more about this alien space ship called the Christa. Thelma ("Techno Human EmuLating MAchine"), an android that was found deactivated on the Christa, was reactived by Harlan Band, one of the crew. Unfortunately, her main operating chip was accidentaly damaged when Harlan walked on it in the very first episode. Because of this, from time to time, Thelma seems to act... strangely.