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Where's Bill Mumy's page?  Well... Absent, since he didn't make himself as
publically available online as Peter David did at the time I designed this page.
However, Bill does have his own page for Space Cases.
I didn't create a fancy graphic with Bill's name on it though...
Bill, I know you're out there... don't take it personally, eh? :)

Peter David has many references and pages to Space Cases...
Just look at's Google search result for Space Cases.
Space Cases:
Blooper Reel Review
You asked for it, and here it is! A review of the Space Cases blooper reels that Peter David often takes to conventions.
Convention Report:
Stellar Occasion 4
It's true that this report isn't *just* about Peter David... but, since he doesn't exactly visit Dallas often, I thought I'd include it here. :)
ZaBaGaBe's PAD Interview
Part One
Reposted here by permission from ZaBaGaBe!!
But I Digress...
May 2, 1997
Peter David, in his But I Digress... column published weekly in the Comics Buyer's Guide, wrote a rather nice article on Space Cases' past, present, and future.
Please note that some information mentioned in this article.. the previous location of this website, for instance, and the times at which Space Cases airs, are no longer accurate.
Same Old, Same Old As published in the Comics Buyer's Guide, issues #189-199, this unused Space Cases story is reposted here in it's entireity. The story takes place during the first season, with Catalina still onboard the Christa.

Same Old, Same Old is scripted, and presented here in three parts as per a normal episode of Space Cases: Teaser | Act One | Act Two

This story is reproduced by permission from Peter David, and is Copyright To Be Continued, Inc.