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Hosted by
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ZaBaGaBe Interview With
Peter David 
(Part One)

This information is reprinted here by permission from ZaBaGaBe!!

Greetings SPACE CASES! Here we go again -- another great interview with one of our favorite people. This issue, we've asked SPACE CASES co-creator, writer, and Bova's dad, Benn, otherwise known as Peter David to answer some of your questions about the inner workings of our favorite show and about the mysterious world of a writer.

So, without further delay, here is Part One of the interview. Enjoy!!


QUESTION: Can you give us a little background on yourself? Tell us about your family?

PETER: I have a bachelor's degree in journalism from New York University, and having an extensive career in writing novels (science fiction, fantasy and Star Trek). I have also written for the TV series Babylon 5. I live in New York with my three children: Shana (16, who played Pezu in "A Friend in Need"), Gwen (13, who was one of the Hil people in "King of the Hil") and Ariel (6, who hasn't been in an episode yet but is the biggest fan of the show on earth.)

QUESTION: When you're not writing, what are your hobbies?

PETER: I play racquetball and go to the movies.

QUESTION: How did you get into doing SPACE CASES? Was the show your idea?

PETER: Bill Mumy and I had worked together on a couple of projects before, and it came to our attention that Nickelodeon was in the market for a science fiction series aimed at kids. Nick was initially looking for something about kids at a space academy, but we considered that notion too limiting. We felt there would be more opportunity for stories if our kids were out exploring.

QUESTION: Who came up with each of the characters? And the Christa? And the SPACE CASES universe? Do you have any favorite characters?

PETER: At this point it's hard to remember exactly who came up with what. And even if one of us came up with a particular character initially, the other's done so much work on the character at various times that the crew is really an amalgam of both our sensibilities. Likewise with the entire universe in which the Space Cases live.
In terms of favorite characters, probably my single favorite would be Radu, followed closely by Bova--just because Radu is very much the way I was when I was a teenager, and Bova echoes my "hope for the best, but expect the worst" mentality.

QUESTION: Did you supervise the other writers on the show?

PETER: Yes, Bill and I worked extensively with the other writers... although moreso with some than with others.

QUESTION: What was the funniest moment on the set during the first season? Second season?

PETER: The single funniest moments? For the first season, I'd have to say it was when we filmed the food fight for "Forever Young." The whole production crew was in raincoats, and everyone getting covered with food at some point or another. I walked onto the set and got hit in the face with a pie. The director got nailed, too. It was pretty wild and wooly.
Second season, I'd have to say when Rahi was surprised on camera during the filming of "Friend in Need." In the version that aired, Suzee kisses a newly returned Harlan and Radu, then sees Bova puckered up and pats him on the head. But in the final take, Becky grabbed Rahi's head and kissed him full on the mouth. And Rahi jumped around shouting, "Awright! Score! Score!"

QUESTION: Did you write the information for the digital trading cards posted by Nickelodeon on America OnLine? Or did that information come from the scripts?

PETER: The info came entirely from Bill and I directly, although we did have the aid of a NASA consultant, Rich Kolker, in determining the actual size of the ship.

QUESTION: How long does it take to make a SPACE CASES script, start to finish?

PETER: No easy answer. The actual writing time is about a week or so. But then there is week upon week of rewrites.

QUESTION: We heard a rumor that SPACE CASES was supposed to be a 5-season story line, much like Babylon 5. If SPACE CASES isn't picked up by the SciFi Channel or any other channel, and if there are no books, will there be any way for us to find out how they get home and just what the "Eye of the Future" is?

PETER: Yes. Send $20 and a self-addressed stamped envelope to "SO WHAT HAPPENED NEXT?", Box ABD, Bumblefudge, Nebraska. [NOTE: Peter is, of course, joking here -- do NOT attempt to send any letters or money to that address -- it's not a real one! -- Eileen]

QUESTION: What other projects are you working on?

PETER: I continue to write AQUAMAN, SUPERGIRL and THE INCREDIBLE HULK comics, plus assorted novels. There's a new Star Trek novel line of mine called "The New Frontier" which is out in stores even as we speak. [NOTE: And you can find references to several members of the SPACE CASES cast and characters in the books! -- Eileen]

QUESTION: Do you have any advice for young aspiring writers?

PETER: Yes. Keep writing and keep reading. Anything else I say would just be needless add-on.


Thank you very much, Peter, for finding time in of your busy schedule to answer all the questions. We are looking forward to a continuation of SPACE CASES and to reading more of your books and comics. Look for Part Two of this interview in our next issue. Peter answers some of your questions about the characters and the Christa.