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Images from Space Cases

Breath of a Salesman
(Unaired Space Cases Pilot)

Season 1
  1. We Gotta Get Out Of This Place
  2. Who Goes Where?
  3. A Day In The Life
  4. Spung At Heart
  5. Forever Young
  6. Nowhere Man
  7. Desperately Seeking Suzee
  8. It's My Birthday, Too (Yeah!)
  9. Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Court
  10. Prisoner Of Luff
  11. The Impossible Dram
  12. Break On Through To The Other Side
  13. On The Road To Find Out
Season 2
  1. New Places, New Faces
  2. The Sporting Kind
  3. Long Distance Calls
  4. King Of The Hil
  5. Truth Hurts
  6. Homeward Bound
  7. All You Can Eaty
  8. Both Sides Now
  9. Mother Knows Best
  10. A Star Is Boring
  11. Runaway
  12. Trouble With Doubles
  13. A Friend In Need

Audio Files from Space Cases
Harlan Ellison's Opening Narration - Season One (WAV; ZIP; 245k; 26 sec.)
Season One Opening Theme with Harlan Ellison Narration (MP3; 1.0mb; 1 min. 7 sec.)
Season One Opening Theme - Variation (MP3; 1.0mb; 1 min. 7 sec.)
Season One Closing Theme (MP3; 1.0mb; 1 min. 4 sec.)
Season Two Opening Theme (MP3; 945k; 59 sec.)
Season Two Closing Theme (MP3; 1.0mb; 1 min. 6 sec.)
Space Cases Theme in MIDI format (This is the file currently used on this site.) (ZIP; 5k; 58 sec.)

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Show Clips from Space Cases
Season One: Opening Credits & Theme (MPG; 2.6mb; 1 min. 7 sec.)
Season Two: Opening Credits & Theme (MPG; 2.5mb; 1 min. 2 sec.)
Commercial for Space Cases: Suzee (MPG; 1mb; 26 sec.)
Commercial for Space Cases: Bova (MPG; 1.1mb; 28 sec.)
The Space Cases answer what they will do when they get home (MPG; 1.1mb; 28 sec.)

Unaired Space Cases Pilot Episode
Breath of a Salesman


We Gotta Get Out Of This Place
Who Goes Where?
A Day In The Life (MPG; 1.1mb; 28 sec.)
Spung At Heart
Forever Young
Nowhere Man
Desperately Seeking Suzee
It's My Birthday, Too (Yeah!)
Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Court
Prisoner Of Luff
The Impossible Dram
Break On Through To The Other Side
On The Road To Find Out

New Places, New Faces
The Sporting Kind
Long Distance Calls
King Of The Hil
Truth Hurts
Homeward Bound
All You Can Eaty
Both Sides Now
Mother Knows Best
A Star Is Boring
Runaway (MPG; 780k; 19 sec.)
Trouble With Doubles
A Friend In Need

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We Gotta Get Out Of This Place

  1. The Starcademy
  2. Harlan Band looks out the window at a strange, new ship
  3. The strange, new ship
  4. The five cadets look out the window at the ship
  5. The cadets cross the platform from the Starcademy to the alien ship
  6. Harlan walks into the command post of the alien ship
  7. THELMA is returned to life by a broken crystal that Harlan accidently broke
  8. T.J. Davenport and Commander Goddard argue about who should've been watching the cadets
  9. Catalina and Radu in the engine room of the alien ship "Christa"
  10. Commander Goddard back out in space... with a crew

Who Goes Where?

  1. Radu goes outside the ship to retrieve a teddy bear in space for Rosie
  2. Radu shows the bear to Rosie
  3. Andromedans have their own atmospheres... and Radu's looks like snow
  4. Davenport shows Rosie how to open a book
  5. Harlan bumps into Catalina, and she sprains her ankle
  6. Radu exchanges a brief word with Bova in the hallway
  7. Radu's wild behavior leaves the room, and Thelma, in shambles
  8. The temperature in Radu's atmosphere seems to have dropped a great deal
  9. Harlan and Radu prepare to fight in the command post
  10. Rosie attempts to thaw out Radu

A Day In The Life

  1. Pel of the Ferna Herna Planetary Intruder Squad
  2. Jin... also of the Planetary Intruder Squad
    (with the Robot from Lost In Space in the background)
  3. Goddard and Davenport try to agree on who gets the crew and when
  4. Bova gets a jump-start from Thelma
  5. Catalina practices her sonic powers
  6. The Space Cases receive their assignments
  7. The Christa is under attack, and Davenport is having some dessert
  8. Cat loses her voice, and begins a game a charades
  9. Catalina takes the medicine Rosie made for her
  10. Davenport, Rosie, and Bova wait in the mess-hall during the attack

Forever Young

  1. Harlan laughs about the computer simulation of Goddard blowing up in space
  2. Goddard doesn't think the simulation is very funny
  3. Radu enjoyed the simulation
  4. Catalina thinks the simulation was pretty funny too
  5. Neinstein zaps Goddard and Davenport
  6. Harlan, Radu, and Catalina put up an energy fence around Neinstein
  7. Neinstein
  8. Food fight! And Radu has *your* number!
  9. Neinstein has taken over Thelma, who is ready to zap Harlan if he doesn't obey
  10. The crew form a plan to stop Neinstein

Nowhere Man

  1. Harlan, in the engine room, trips and drops liquid on the controls
  2. ...and Harlan gets zapped because of his mistake
  3. Goddard listens as Thelma explains the energy spike in the engine room
  4. Harlan's hand passes through Thelma, as he finds himself invisible
  5. Davenport teaches class, while the invisible Harlan mimics her movements
  6. Thelma looks for the cause of the jumptube problem
  7. Rosie and Bova make some fudge for Davenport using a secret ingredient...
  8. ...and then serve it to her
  9. As Goddard works on the ship's console, Harlan tries to warn him of radiation danger
  10. Radu has taken the jump tube... but Thelma hasn't fixed it yet

Desperately Seeking Suzee

  1. Catalina fights with Suzee
  2. Goddard works on a plan to increase thruster power
  3. Note: The yellow cable does NOT connect the thruster power to the ion glide
  4. Goddard wanted a charge... so Bova gave him one
  5. Davenport insists to Goddard that "everyone must do their fair share"
  6. Thelma gives Goddard a hand
  7. Time slows down on the ship, and Goddard is moving just a bit on the slow side
  8. The Christa begins to overheat
  9. Rosie attempts to channel some of the heat from the Christa through her
  10. The Christa is dangerously close to the comet

Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Court

  1. Radu arm wrestles with the mechanical arm
  2. Catalina comes up with a plan to put Harlan on trial
  3. Judge Bova
  4. Davenport complains to Goddard that she is itching
  5. Catalina's cheering squad... as she remembers it, anyway
  6. Goddard and Catalina, as Harlan recalls
  7. Thelma checks out Davenport and find that she is changing into a Spung
  8. Goddard is changing into a Spung as well
  9. Spung Commander Goddard and Spung T.J. Davenport
  10. Even Radu is turning into that which he despises the most... a Spung!

Prisoner of Luff

  1. Catalina sits in the prison cell
  2. Sofiana
  3. Catalina is sent to the Prison Luff by Sofiana
  4. Sofiana threatens Thelma with her "neural scrambler"
  5. The Warden of the Prison Luff
  6. Cat on the run
  7. Goddard learns from Sofiana that Cat is in prison
  8. Harlan, Goddard, and Davenport discuss a plan to get Cat out of prison
  9. Goddard explains to the Prison Luff Warden that they've got the wrong person
  10. Sofiana wants to leave, but Radu isn't in an agreeable mood

The Impossible Dram

  1. Cat explains to Thelma about the Middle Ages
  2. Dram, Knight of Servantes
  3. Dram recognizes Harlan as his old squire "Bosonio"
  4. The bug-creature returns Dram's fearsome "charge"
  5. The radish-monster and the bug-creature exchange looks
  6. Harlan and Cat bow to the "King of the Realm"
  7. Thelma retrieves the data crystal from the booby-trapped cryopod
  8. Goddard checks out the data crystal
  9. Harlan and Cat start to become sleepy
  10. Dram faces the Monster

Break On Through To The Other Side

  1. Davenport and Bova watch as Thelma comes out of the hidden room
  2. Davenport and Bova inside the hidden room
  3. Bova works the controls quickly, but Davenport is absorbed into the computer
  4. Thelma insists that she is innocent, but Bova doesn't buy her story
  5. The crew runs to Goddard to tell him that Davenport is in the computer...
  6. ...but Goddard already knows that Davenport is in the computer
  7. Thelma believes she is defective, and leaves the ship
  8. Gizbot has something to deliver, and Harlan is the reciever
  9. Catalina works in the hidden room to recover Davenport
  10. Radu checks Goddard's tether connection, but the faulty spacesuit rips

On The Road To Find Out

  1. Harlan, Radu, and Cat see another "Christa"
  2. The two "Christa"s, joined by an airlock
  3. Another shot of the two "christa"s
  4. Harlan & Cat look at a map of unexplored rooms on the "other" Christa
  5. Harlan & Cat find an unexplored room on the "other" Christa
  6. Warlord Shank
  7. The "other" Christa's Lumanian first officer
  8. Commander Goddard and Warlord Shank fight!
  9. Bova returns a favor to Warlord Shank
  10. The crew stare at a new visitor on the Christa: Suzee!

New Places, New Faces

  1. 3 spung kill cruisers
  2. thelma points out to radu and harlan the 3 spung ships
  3. davenport, goddard, and harlan brace themselves for another spung attack
  4. spung killcruisers fire on the christa
  5. goddard catches davenport as she faints
  6. closeup of the christa, as she goes through a paint-makeover
  7. radu tells harlan a good place to crash-land the christa
  8. the christa comes in to crash-land on a strange planet
  9. suzee checks the atmosphere of a new planet, while thelma takes samples for later study
  10. suzee sends out her telepathic self to understand a strange new life form

The Sporting Kind

  1. rosie finds a new pet
  2. 2 spung hunters
  3. goddard decides a plan of action while harlan looks on
  4. a closeup of rosie's new pet
  5. goddard asks radu if he can hear any signs of life nearby
  6. bova reports intruders on the ship
  7. bova, harlan, goddard, radu, and thelma prepare to fight off the intruders
  8. a spung gladiator throws a telepathic power ball at harlan
  9. radu, goddard, thelma, and bova watch as harlan battles a spung gladiator
  10. harlan and the spung warrior kirge have an argument

Long Distance Calls

  1. the crew work on a radio transmitter
  2. rosie send a signal home, while harlan, suzee, and radu watch
  3. the pirate's space ship
  4. the space pirates
  5. rosie's parents
  6. radu and bova talk about parents
  7. harlan's step-father
  8. catalina, speaking to suzee
  9. goddard and davenport talk about home
  10. bova's dad (played by Peter David, co-creator of Space Cases)

King Of The Hil

  1. rosie, radu, harlan, and thelma find some gold to use on the christa
  2. harlan sees something in the distance
  3. harlan falls into a pit, surrounded by natives
  4. bova splits open a fruit
  5. radu and thelma wonder where harlan is
  6. suzee, davenport, rosie, and bova prepare to begin eating
  7. rosie, suzee, thelma, and radu think they've found where harlan is
  8. a native talks to harlan about their legends
  9. gizbot leads the way
  10. the crew collect fruits from the forrest

Truth Hurts

  1. radu offers harlan a marshmallow
  2. bova and rosie view a storm coming toward the christa
  3. the engine area of the christa
  4. suzee and thelma work on the christa's engines
  5. radu and harlan practice their fencing skills
  6. harlan, rosie, and radu talk about truth
  7. davenport mixes something in a glass
  8. an approaching amonia storm
  9. harlan, suzee, and radu look at a airtank
  10. bova enjoys a lightning bolt

Homeward Bound

  1. radu has a dream, and wakes up harlan and bova
  2. from off screen, harlan throws a ball at radu
  3. suzee and radu look at the power console
  4. goddard returns from his long trek across the planet
  5. harlan and goddard ask suzee how long it will take to return power to the christa
  6. suzee and radu work on the christa's power crystal
  7. radu tries to explain his dream to the crew
  8. harlan finds a small crystal
  9. bova talks to rosie, as he swings from a vine
  10. the christa flies over the ocean

All You Can Eaty

  1. the christa checks out an old planet
  2. harlan jokingly asks if they can suck bova out into space
  3. radu replies to an incoming message
  4. the christa heads toward a giant object in space
  5. the crew get angry at an incoming message
  6. the crew discover a new life form
  7. bova has a furry animal in his shirt
  8. rosie helps bova with some electrical wiring
  9. suzee and harlan discover the problem with the power on the christa
  10. the christa hovers over a planet

Both Sides Now

  1. davenport has a new look
  2. radu... is that you?
  3. harlan, what big ears you have
  4. rosie and bova
  5. harlan discusses patience with radu
  6. "thelma stands for... nothing. it's my name!"
  7. suzee has plenty of iron in her diet
  8. goddard is still in medlab
  9. the new look of the crew
  10. the christa is in spung territory

Mother Knows Best

  1. the christa flys into a spaceship graveyard
  2. harlan and suzee laugh at the graveyard, while thelma works the controls
  3. thelma tells rosie that the ship is in danger
  4. bova wakes up from a dream
  5. ma speaks to radu
  6. davenport considers the current crisis that thelma has told her about
  7. ma gives bova a quick quiz... and he passes!
  8. harlan and suzee play a computer game
  9. radu talks with ma about his... concerns
  10. ma

A Star Is Boring

  1. Bova argues with Suzee about a game they're playing
  2. Radu agrees with Bova's side of the argument
  3. Bova gives up trying to talk to the crew... nobody's listening!
  4. Bova sends out a signal.. "immortality potion.. sold here! Contact... Bova!"
  5. Rosie tries to stop the runaway Gizbot... and goes for a "trip"
  6. The runaway Gizbot has Thelma in it's site!
  7. Look out! Runaway Gizbot is burning rubber and coming through!
  8. The crew cringes as the Gizbot makes tracks over Thelma
  9. Thelma... with Gizbot's tire-tracks
  10. Bova's alien agent Utz displays a "Bova T-Shirt"


  1. Harlan and Rosie talk to Radu aboard the Christa's shuttle Starling 9
  2. Suzee standing in an engine room full of changes
  3. Radu wants to know what has happened aboard the Christa
  4. Thelma explains to Harlan that they're on a collision course with the Starling
  5. The Christa on a collision course with Radu and Bova in Starling 9
  6. The Starling hits the Christa!
  7. Suzee checks out the damage in the engine room
  8. Thelma explains to Harlan that he's about to have a new problem... asteroids!
  9. Bova works on some equipment aboard the shuttle
  10. Radu looking out into space from the Starling

Trouble With Doubles

  1. Commander Goddard points out to Bova and Harlan that they're about to hit a satellite
  2. The Doppleganger hides near the satellite as the Christa passes nearby
  3. Davenport explains to Commander Goddard about Harlan and Bova's midterm report cards
  4. Radu stares in disbelief at his midterm report card
  5. Suzee exclaims "Why did she give ME one of these?! I'm not even a student!"
  6. Thelma explains to Commander Goddard that the Christa's fuel levels are getting low
  7. The evil Rosie stops the evil Suzee from making a rude remark while Thelma looks on
  8. The Doppleganger hides in the Christa's jumptube system, creating evil twins
  9. "NO!! Not the jumptubes!!"
  10. The evil twins plot their next evil move, as Thelma listens in

A Friend In Need

  1. Christa docked at the space station
  2. Davenport tells Goddard that she's worried the Spung will return to the station
  3. Bova says that Starcademy rules say they should stay... but Davenport disagrees
  4. Suzee uses her gills to make sure the air is safe for others on the station
  5. The group figure out that the station must be run by a computer
  6. Pezu, the space station computer, kidnaps Harlan, Radu, and Goddard
  7. The new and improved Warlord Shank
  8. Harlan gives Suzee a quick kiss...
  9. ...Then Suzee gives Radu a quick kiss
  10. ...and Bova gets... a pat on the back

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