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The two people who get the most credit must be Bill Mumy and Peter David, without whom none of these pages would even exist.

Special thanks go to Tracey Rich, Rich Kolker, Peter David, and all the fans of the show that have contributed to the content on this site... so many fans, in facten i would take another website just to name them all! Thank you very much for your help!


This area is for those folks who'd like to know what it takes to put together this site.

If there is something on this site that you'd like explained, just ask! We'd be happy to put the information up here for everyone to see!

  • This site is owned by Peter David, not Nickelodeon. Since Peter is one of the co-creators, and co-writers, of Space Cases, that is why this is the X-fficial site. This site is hosted by BiblioBytes. Webmasters are Glenn Hauman, who runs the server-side [equipment, hardware, etc.] of the site, and Robert Rhodes, who maintains the content-driven client-side of the site.
  • Most of the HTML on this site was created by hand using Windows Notepad. While pages located in the Episode Details area were being designed using Microsoft's FrontPage 98, new pages and updates are created using Allaire's HomeSite 3.0. This site is running under Microsoft's Internet Information Server and Allaire's Cold Fusion Server.
  • All screen captures are created using Snappy screen capturing hardware and software.
  • Most of the images on the main sections of the various areas were created especially for the X-fficial Space Cases Website. (NOTE: Please do not take images from this site, and place them on yours. Lots of time and effort went into production of this site.)
  • AVIs were created using Hauppauge's cool hardware called Video Magic.
  • RealPlayer versions of The Episodes were created with RealProducer.
  • Any additional graphics & special effects are created with Lightwave 3D - the same software used to create most of the special effects on the science fiction shows Babylon 5, Star Trek: DS9, Hercules: The Legendary Journeys and Xena: Warrior Princess.


Chosen as Snappy's "Cool Site of the Month" for September 1998.

Best of Internet Award from Up2Day Frame Free Site Chosen "Pick of the Week" by Star Seeker
(March 31, 1997)

Kiva's Awesome Space Cases Webpage Award
The XfSC Website has shown excellent quality in a webpage, and has recieved this award.

This page was last updated on February 6, 2000