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Breath of a Salesman
The Unaired Space Cases Pilot Episode
(Spoiler warning: This episode was never shown on television in the United States.
If you've never seen the episode,
reading this may spoil the fun of getting to watch it one day.)

Season 1 | Season 2

Space Cases - Season 1 Episode Details

Episode Title
1 We Gotta Get Out
Of This Place
2 Who Goes Where?
3 A Day In The Life
4 Spung At Heart
5 Forever Young
6 Nowhere Man
7 Desperately Seeking Suzee
Episode Title
8 It's My Birthday, Too (Yeah!)
9 Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Court
10 Prisoner Of Luff
11 The Impossible Dram
12 Break On Through
To The Other Side
13 On The Road To Find Out

Space Cases - Season 2 Episode Details

Episode Title
1 New Places, New Faces
2 The Sporting Kind
3 Long Distance Calls
4 King Of The Hil
5 Truth Hurts
6 Homeward Bound
7 All You Can Eaty
Episode Title
8 Both Sides Now
9 Mother Knows Best
10 A Star Is Boring
11 Runaway
12 The Trouble With Doubles
13 A Friend In Need


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