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A Friend
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Season 2, Episode 13

Episode Details

Plot Summary | Ongoing Story and Character Developments
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Plot Summary

Our crew find themselves at an outpost that was recently destroyed by the Spung. Upon receiving a distress call from what sounds like a young girl in trouble, several crew members go to investigate.

Suzee is fascinated by the outpost's technology, which is as advanced as her home world's, but they find no people on the outpost.

Meanwhile, Bova, Rosie and Miss Davenport are conducting a ship's inventory, a precaution against intruders.

Suzee is convinced that the outpost is completely automated, but once again, they hear the girl's voice. Suzee determines that the voice is the outpost's computer, which identifies itself as Pezu. Pezu is incredibly friendly, and a bit annoying. The crew wants to leave, but Pezu is lonely, and does not want to be left alone. Pezu transports the guys to another part of the ship and infects Thelma and the Christa with a computer virus, all to keep Suzee with her.

Warlord Shank appears in the hall near the guys, threatening to kill them. Shank chases them down the hall, until a ceiling panel covered with spikes falls. It would have crushed them if Radu had not heard it falling and held it up. Suzee realizes that Pezu is leading the guys into dangerous situations, so that they will die when in a way that will not be Pezu's fault.

Back on the Christa, the virus takes over Thelma, and causes her to attack Rosie, Bova and Miss Davenport.

The guys realize that there's something suspicious about Warlord Shank. He doesn't recognize them, he keeps missing them with his weapon, and he disappears when they get close to him. They eventually realize that Shank is just a hologram. The cease to be afraid of him.

Meanwhile, the real Warlord Shank's ship has also been invaded by a virus. He heads back to the outpost to get revenge upon Pezu.

Suzee enters Pezu's mind and discovers that the computer is incredibly lonely. She develops some sympathy for Pezu's position, and wants to help, offering to take Pezu with them, but Pezu cannot leave and Suzee doesn't want to stay.

The guys come across yet another Warlord Shank, but this time it's the real Shank. Pezu is more than happy to let Shank kill them, so Pezu doesn't have to kill them herself.

Shank is about to kill the guys, and Thelma is about to kill Davenport, Bova and Rosie, when Suzee convinces Pezu that true friendship involves helping people and trust and sacrifice. She says she will hate Pezu forever if Pezu does not help her friends Pezu finally catches on, rescues the guys, and cures Thelma.

The Christa flies away safely, while Pezu is left having fun with her new friends (victims?): Warlord Shank and his two Spung officers.

Ongoing Story and Character Developments

  • Warlord Shank is showing the signs of last season's finale. You can see that he is missing an arm (replaced by a robotic one), and has a lot of new scars on his face. According to Zabagabe, a Spung ship was transporting Shank out of the Christa's sister ship at the same time that Catalina was pulled into Suzee's dimension. Shank's arm was around Cat, and his arm went with her into Suzee's dimension. Catalina made a purse out of it. (information provided by Zabagabe).

Memorable Lines

Radu: I can't hear any other people's heartbeats but ours.
You can hear the Commander's heartbeat?

Warlord Shank: I shall destroy everyone and everything on this entire outpost. But first, I will destroy you.
Radu: At least we won't have to clean up!

Harlan: (while Radu holds a ceiling full of spikes that almost crushed them all): Be careful!
Radu: Any other great advice?

Harlan: Is anything about this day going to go right?
Radu: I found some clean socks! Or was that yesterday?

Davenport: Hurry Rosie, hurry.
Rosie: I am hurrying.
Davenport: Well, HURRY FASTER!

Spung Officer: Should we destroy their ship, O Dreaded One?
Warlord Shank: How, by throwing rocks at it?

Goddard: Gentlemen, if we go down, I'm for going down fighting.

Warlord Shank: Do you know what Warlord Shank has learned? Warlord Shank has learned that he doesn't care what you have learned. (blasts a piece of equipment)
Pezu: (laughs menacingly)
Warlord Shank: Oh, dear…


  • As Radu is backing away from the real Warlord Shank, he trips over a part of the bulkhead. Peter David confirms that this was not part of the script, but I'm not entirely sure whether Kristian did this on purpose (it's in character for the "clumsy Andromedan"). Both Paul and Kristian do an amazing job of staying in character when this happens.

Trivia, Inside Jokes and References

  • The voice of Pezu was provided by Shana David, series co-creator Peter David's daughter.
  • Warlord Shank is once again played by George "Sulu" Takei. His Spung officer is played by Jason Cavalier, who has played a Spung in other episodes.
  • When Rosie is fleeing from renegade Thelma, she says "Run Away!" Sounds like Monty Python and the Holy Grail to me.
  • "Old lizard eyes is back." This is really a double reference. Brent Spiner (Data from ST:TNG) made an album called "Old Yellow Eyes Is Back," but that album title was itself a reference to Frank Sinatra, who is referred to as old blue eyes.
  • "Those blasted children, I'll get them for this!" Is it just me, or does this come from Scooby Doo?
  • Anik's performance as virus-infected Thelma is suspiciously reminiscent of The Exorcist.
  • This episode is the source of one of the great moments on the blooper reel. As Peter David described it, "You should see the take where Suzee kisses Harlan and Radu...and then kisses Bova (whom she'd been patting on the head for the previous five takes). Becky just grabbed Rahi, kissed him full on the mouth. His first kiss, I suspect, and it was captured on film. He started jumping around, shouting, "Hey, all right! Score! Score! Wassup! All right!" It's saved on our blooper reel." Rahi has claimed that it was in fact his second kiss. He had been kissed on screen once before.
  • When Thelma was acting under the influence of the virus, she was referred to behind the scenes as "the Thelmanator." (information provided by Peter David).
  • Why didn't the crew just remove Thelma's crystal when she became virus-infected? The script originally contained a sequence in which Davenport makes a grab for the crystal, but Thelma catches her arm and keeps it away, but there wasn't enough time in the episode for the scene. (information provided by Peter David)

Unanswered Questions

  • None available at this time.

(Notes from co-creator Peter A. David)

  • None available at this time.

Episode Details provided by Tracey Rich.
This page was last updated on July 20, 1998.