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King Of
The Hil

Season 2, Episode 4

Episode Details

Plot Summary | Ongoing Story and Character Developments
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Plot Summary

The kids are exploring the "techno dig," an area where a lot of alien equipment has been left behind, looking for things they can use to fix the Christa. They decide to go back to the ship, but Harlan goes off on his own. Harlan is captured/p> the Hil people, little people with gold skin dressed in Egyptian-style clothing.

Meanwhile, back in the Christa, the crew has found some new food -- giant vegetables and fruits big enough to eat by climbing inside them. The climb in and start eating.

It's getting dark, and Radu is concerned about Harlan, who has not returned from the techno dig. Radu and Thelma go out in search of Harlan, and find tracks indicating that he has been captured. They go back to get help from the others.

Meanwhile, Harlan has learned that the Hil people believe he is their great King Colossal, returned as prophesied to battle the evil Hraruru monster and free them. He enjoys playing the king, but isn't crazy about the idea of battling a monster.

Davenport and Bova are trapped inside a plant, but the other kids find Harlan and befriend the Hil people. They learn that the Hraruru is not just a myth. Harlan realizes that it is his responsibility to help these people. He and the other kids go down to battle the monster.

The monster turns out to be a 214 year old little boy named Savano, using sound effects to trick the Hil people. He is alone, and afraid of the Hil people because his parents said they were monsters that would kill him. Savano runs away. Harlan declares the Hraruru vanquished, and introduces Savano to the Hil people. They become friends.

Ongoing Story and Character Developments

  • Harlan is becoming more responsible. He chose to put himself at risk to help the Hil people, even though he had no real obligation to them, because he knew it was the right thing to do. That's new for Harlan.
  • Harlan is beginning to trust Radu and rely upon him. In Long Distance Calls, we saw Harlan call for Radu's help when attacked by Ubi. Here, Harlan volunteers to fight the Hraruru alone, but when Radu insists on helping him, he's clearly glad to have Radu at his back.
  • The Hil people braided Harlan's hair. He decides to keep the style, because Suzee finds it attractive.

Memorable Lines

Radu: Thelma, why don't you and I take a hike over to the techno dig, just to check on him. He's probably just lost track of time.
Thelma: Wouldn't that be breaking the rules, Radu?
Radu (disappointed): Well, uh … yeah, I guess it would.
Thelma: All right then, let's go! [marches off -- in the wrong direction!]

Davenport: I really hate this planet…

Harlan: And the Colossal King – me – he – I mean, I defeat this monster, right?
Hil Shaman: Or get killed by it. The prophecy's a little fuzzy on that part.
Harlan: Fuzzy? How exactly.
Hil Shaman: Well, for example, when the scriptures say, "And lo! the Colossal King will scream as the Hraruru tears him apart!" We're not sure if that means literally.

Rosie: Hit it!
Radu: (strikes rock)
Rosie: Sorry. Bad idea?
Radu: (nods painfully)


  • The language issue again: The Hil people clearly have their own language, and initially Harlan cannot communicate with them. Later, Harlan and the Shaman are able to communicate, supposedly because Harlan drank from the cup of all words. Yet there is no consistency to the communication. If Harlan has picked up the Hil language, then why do we later hear the Shaman speaking the Hil language to talk to his own people? And how can Radu understand the Shaman? But if the Shaman has picked up English, then why does Suzee need to enter his mind to communicate with him? And why do all of the Hil people say "All Hail King Colossal" in English?

Trivia, Inside Jokes and References

  • The episode title is the name of a children's game.
  • Peter's daughter, Gwen, played one of the Hil people. The best place to spot her is when Harlan is first brought up onto the throne and crowned. She's on the left hand side of the screen, peering out from behind the peacock feathers on the throne. (information provided by Peter David). (See picture at right)
  • The mask of the king looks more like LeVar Burton than Harlan, but I'm not sure that is intentional.
  • The Hil Shaman reads to Harlan from the Book of Spazchow. Spazchow is the name of an album by Bill Mumy's band, Barnes & Barnes. The Hil language is also apparently derived from Barnes & Barnes material.
  • The staff Harlan has is from an episode of Are You Afraid of the Dark? (Information provided by

Unanswered Questions

  1. What is the source of the materials at the techno dig?
  2. Is Harlan really the ancient King Colossal returned, and if so, how did the ancient Hil people come to know about him?

    (Notes from co-creator Peter A. David)

  • None available at this time.

Episode Details provided by Tracey Rich.
This page was last updated on July 14, 1997.