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The Official Space Cases Bible


      Do not be fooled or thrown off by the detailed and sometimes serious nature of what you've read. Space Cases is, first and foremost, out just to have fun. Emphasis on sight gags and knockabout humor, interspersed with shtick and word play (kind of your average Marx Brothers movie in space.)

What we've learned by the resounding TV failure of such outright farces as "Police Squad" is that people will not tune in week after week unless they (a) care about the characters and (b) feel that something is "at stake" every week. We want to do stories about characters, not caricatures. And the stories should have some sort of heart to them. Some genuine emotions and/or jeopardy should be involved; otherwise the viewers won't care about what happens.

We'll also want to see satire, spoofs or riffs on popular SF themes, and twists on cliches. We're not looking for them to run into another spaceship commanded by Captain Jerk and Mr. Spook. On the other hand, take-offs on such standard SF story elements as other dimensions, time travel, evil twins, etc., are welcome.

Ideally, the kids should learn something from each of their encounters and adventures... lessons which will, ultimately, lead them to a grand and glorious destiny, which is tied in with the Christa' s origins.