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The Official Space Cases Bible


      The following provides a guide to some of the relationships between some of the characters. This is by no means the be-all and end-all, and we are very amenable to stories that build upon what's already here or form new alliances... or new enmities. Remember, these are kids, and relations are inherently volatile and subject to change. A pair who were best friends the previous week could be sworn enemies the following week as a result of some disagreement (although that then has to be addressed within the course of the episode... not necessarily resolved clean, but addressed.)

But the following are the most prominent relationships:

Bova and Rosie: Polar opposites. Bova is the most frequent subject of Rosie's "come on, get happy" attitude simply because he's constantly depressed. Rosie considers him a challenge. Bova considers her a pain in the ass... but since it's his lot in life to suffer, he doesn't get too worked up about it. They're both mystified by each other's perspectives.

Catalina and Rosie: There is a bond of friendship between the two girls, but it's not exactly equitable. There are times when Catalina sincerely acts like she needs a friend (a visible one, in any event) and she'll usually turn to Rosie. But when Rosie will turn to Catalina for advice, it's frequently a waste of time, since Catalina is oftentimes too self-absorbed to be of much use. It's not that Catalina doesn't listen; she does. It's just that her replies are typically related more to her life and experiences than Rosie's. For instance, she'll explain how she once handled a "similar" problem.. except the problems aren't all that similar, and the solution is inapplicable. On occasion, though, "Suzie" will pass along advice which is pretty solid. Rosie isn't sure what to make of the whole Catalina/Suzie thing. She keeps thinking that the entire thing is a joke and Catalina is laughing behind everyone's backs... but on the other hand, there are times when she just isn't sure. Rosie is the only one on board who calls her by the nickname "Cat."

Catalina and Harlan: In point of fact, Catalina has a crush on Harlan. But she'd be mortified if he rejected her, and besides, it's at odds with her swaggering, self-sufficient, know-it-all persona. The only one who knows about it is Rosie, who overheard Catalina discussing it with Suzie. For his part, Harlan regards Catalina as a bit of a nut, but also a useful coconspirator with a wild imagination. When it comes to practical jokes, one or the other (or both, usually) are behind it. Catalina usually provides the inspiration and Harlan provides the actual daring to pull it off.

Harlan and Goddard: Of all the members of the S.T.A.R.D.O.G.S, Harlan held only Goddard in reverence, for the very same "up yours" attitude that got Goddard busted. In many ways Harlan looked to Goddard as a substitute father figure... and is sometimes disappointed, and even angry, when Goddard-in-the-flesh doesn't measure up to his, Harlan's, expectations. Goddard is of two minds when it comes to Harlan. He sees a lot of himself in the young man, and he's flattered that Harlan wants to be like him. On the other hand, he doesn't want Harlan to be like him. Harlan, for his part, is constantly seeking Goddard's approval, and doesn't understand why Goddard is reluctant to give it (namely that he doesn't want to encourage Harlan's hero worship).

Harlan. Catalina and Davenport: Davenport is Harlan's favorite target, bar none. There is a good deal of friction between the two. Davenport (correctly) sees Harlan as the ringleader. So she's constantly trying to stay one step ahead of him, reasoning that if anyone's going to get the kids into trouble, it'll be Harlan. Harlan doesn't exactly appreciate the attention. He enjoys baiting her, while at the same time maintaining a charade of polite civility. Davenport will sometimes seek out Catalina as an ally, incorrectly thinking that she can count on "us girls to stick together." Catalina encourages this in Davenport, invariably giving her "inside information" about Harlan's activities which not only don't pan out, but land Davenport in more trouble. However Davenport is no mere whipping girl; she is capable of giving as good as she gets, and from time to time Harlan will find himself on the receiving end. And Catalina will be there laughing the loudest.

Harlan and Radu: The diciest relationship on the ship. Andromedans were responsible for the death of Harlan's dad, so Harlan has no great love for them... and even less for Radu. At first he displays anger for Radu bordering on contempt. Eventually he starts to have some degree of understanding... and even grudging respect... for Radu. But he's never going to really like him, and if something goes wrong at any given moment, Harlan is apt to think Radu is responsible. Radu, who wants merely to be liked, tends to regard Harlan as his biggest challenge. If he can get Harlan to like and accept him, he figures he can get anyone to.

Radu and Rosie: Rosie is the only one of the kids who genuinely likes Radu. That's because she genuinely likes everyone, and she'll be the quickest to leap to his defense in any given situation. Radu appreciates the support, but wishes he could garner the solid friendship of someone besides the always upbeat Rosie.

Goddard. Davenport and Catalina: When Davenport was a teenager, her father--an instructor at the Starcademy at the time--would tell her stories about one of his favorite students who had gone on to fame and heroism. One Seth Goddard, by name. In many ways, Davenport fell madly in love with him and his heroics before she met him. So when she met Goddard and saw how far he had fallen, she became instantly contemptuous of him (giving her some common ground with Harlan, although she's not aware of it.) As the series progresses, she will see Goddard slowly capture his old form and style, displaying those heroic attributes that made him the object of her infatuation. But her current situation is neither the time nor place to indulge in any sort of romantic liaison, and so she keeps her feelings for Goddard bottled up... at least, as much as she can. The only one to whom it's obvious how Davenport feels is Catalina (she claims Suzie told her). And whenever Catalina brings it up to Goddard, he dismisses the notion out of hand since Davenport never misses an opportunity to take Goddard down a peg (the better to hide her feelings.)