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      COMMAND POST: Our equivalent of the Bridge. The kids refer to it as the Compost, which drives Goddard nuts. He's always telling them to use the full term "Command Post." They don't.

THE CLASS ROOM: A classroom setting where, every so often, either Goddard or Davenport actually endeavors to teach the kids something. Kids' nickname for it is "The Pit." Goddard sometimes calls it that, too; Davenport never does.

THE TEAM ROOM: The rec room, the hangout. The term "Team Room" is a holdover from Earth's early space program. The kids go there to relax, hang out, play video games... whatever.

THE BUNK ROOMS: There are two that we use: Radu, Bova and Harlan bunk in one; Rosie and Catalina bunk in the other. Very much a summer camp type feel to it. The beds slide into the wall... occasionally with a kid still in it. Rosie and Radu always make their beds; Catalina, Harlan and Bova never do. The girls' room is marginally tidier than the boys'.

THE POWER ROOM: Source of the ship's power couplings and engines that power the FTL drive.

GODDARD'S QUARTERS: Doubles as both his office and sleeping quarters (also with a bed that rolls into the walls.)