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It is the year 2260. THE STARCADEMY is the privately funded satellite conservatory (orbiting Pluto) where students are taught the fine art of becoming intergalactic heroes. At the Starcademy, you will find brilliant students of all ages (since various races reach maturity at different points in their development). These future galactic heroes are being carefully trained by the best teachers that the Galactic Consortium has to offer. These students' intelligence, bravery and heroism guarantees them careers that will write exciting new chapters in the annals of space exploration. If we could select one word to describe these galactic daredevils-in-the-making, that word would be:


I mean, come on. What average kid wants to sit there, week after week, to watch the adventures of kids who are the best and the brightest? The kind of kids who they probably hate in school.

No, we won't focus on them at all.


SPACE CASES will chronicle the adventures of what we would term, nowadays, remedial students. They are the misfits, the renegades, the wash outs, the "Space Cases." They're too goofy or too smart ass or too disrespectful of authority or too insecure or just too darned bored to "get their heads above the clouds where they belong."


Confronted with their lousy grade point average, the Space Cases are held over for the equivalent of summer school. They have just three weeks of intensive training to get their act together, or--despite the standing of their respective influential parents--they're out.

The assistant principal, T.J. DAVENPORT, has been the butt of many of their jokes and jibes, and would very much like to see them gone. So she decides to stack the deck against them... and for herself... by assigning them a foul-up space captain, COMMANDER SETH GODDARD. By indulging a long-time feud with a roving space pirate, Goddard nearly set off a galactic incident. Consequently, he was busted in rank from Captain to Commander, and given a three year assignment as a teacher so that he himself could "relearn." The non-space-faring gig has left him bitter.

When we meet him, the only thing keeping him going is that he's "short time." Another three months and he's done with this crummy assignment. Perhaps he'll even be able to get back out into the Spaceways aboard a Starjumper.

The Space Cases are his last group of students. And they're losers. Bottom of the barrel. To Goddard, it's virtually the final insult, and he doesn't give much of a fig about them outside of his abiding interest in never seeing them again.

And the students, overhearing a conversation between Goddard and Davenport, are made painfully aware of where they stand... and equally aware that the chances are they don't have a hope in hell of graduating.

Nor is their mood helped by the fact that the Starcademy is relatively deserted. The other students are on field trip training missions aboard a variety of spaceships, which serve as the final exams. But the Space Cases don't even rate that coveted hands-on week-in-space.

But matters change abruptly when a mysterious ship simply appears in orbit around the Starcademy. The kids, feeling they have nothing to lose, steal aboard the ship. There they find the space-going equivalent of the Andrea Doria: The ship seems to have been abandoned. Yet there's no sign of damage. It's fully stocked with clothing, food, medicine, all manner of provisions. It is also, in design, unlike anything they've ever seen before.

They also discover an extremely humanoid robot... the fascinating THELMA, a utility 'droid in charge of ship operations and maintenance. In addition, there is the semi-sentient ship board computer, who will come to be known simply as T.C. (for "The Computer.") But they both seem somewhat discombobulated by the circumstances of their arrival.

Meanwhile, realizing the students have flown the coop, Goddard and Davenport head after them up to the ship. They start chewing out the kids...

And suddenly something heads towards them at high speed. Some sort of massive, undulating distortion that--for the brief moment they see it--looks like a white circle.

And then they vanish.

The next thing they know, they are on the far side of the galaxy. They are not lost. They know where they're going. They know how to get back. But there's no way around the distances. It's going to take them a while to make the trip.

To be specific... seven years.

They have no choice but to begin their long journey home. With all the hazards that deep space has to offer standing between them and their destination, these sure-fire washouts are going to have to become sure-fire space explorers... even if it kills them.

SPACE CASES will be primarily comic in tone, as the kids and adults deal with the situations and each other in their own style, ranging from the sublime to the slapstick, the reserved to the rowdy. There will also be moments of drama, concern, and the occasional serving up of genuine jeopardy to remind the characters--and, for that matter, the viewers--that it's a pretty tricky galaxy out there, and we could all use help from our friends. Even the weird ones.