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11 Earth Standard Years (ESY)




5'4" (Alien/Earth Standard)


200 lbs.


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386th hatchling of the cycle
(Earth Standard Year 2250)


Radu's spiral ears give him super-sensitive hearing. This is a great asset, but can also cause him much discomfort if things get a bit loud. His extraordinary sense of hearing gives him a superb sense of balance. Combined with his high molecular density, he is extremely difficult to shake up or knock down. Radu's compact structure also makes him as strong as approximately ten Earthers, able to lift in excess of eight hundred pounds with ease. This molecular configuration is also responsible for Radu's long is just too difficult to cut, so Andromedans don't bother. As with all members of his race, Radu possesses low-level psionic powers. This gives him a finely-tuned sense of direction. He always knows where he is and never gets lost. In addition, he is able to "hear" the thoughts of native Andromedan animals (such as gerkels), and is also able to receive "messages" from other psionics, like Elmira.
Andromedans have a very different internal structure than humans. While, unlike many humanoid races, their body temperature is close to Earth-normal 98.6 degrees Fahrenheit, Andromedans possess an internal atmosphere, complete with a personal barometric pressure. When ill, Radu has exhibited disruptions in this atmosphere by either venting snow (falling barometric pressure) or steam (rising pressure) from his ears. He's also been known to produce thunder on occasion. Andromedans also bounce and vent steam from their ears when they need to match their internal atmosphere to that of their surroundings.

Background Information:

Radu is from a race formerly at war with Earth and its allies in the United Populated Planets (UPP).When the Andromedans left their war-devestated galaxy to travel to the Milky Way (our galaxy, nearest to their own), they came in a number of ships or space arks. One of the ships contained the Andromedan hatchery. Unfortunately, putting their entire brood in a single ship proved to be a cataclysmic mistake for the Andromedans because the Spung captured it. They threatened to wipe out the entire generation of unborn Andromedan children if the Andromedan didn't surrender to them. The adults yielded to the Spung and, between the time that the Andromedans were first captured by the Spung and finally liberated by the UPP, they were enslaved and forced to fight a fierce war for approximately a year. [NOTE: The Spung War occurred approximately 11 ESY before the beginning of the show(2261).]
Radu was one of the hatchlings-held-hostage. Born in the space ark hatchery in the SOL System (our solar system), Radu is the only member of SPACE CASES crew not born in his native environment.
Andromedan culture is built around a uniformity of mind and purpose, much like 20th century Earth Japanese team management, but taken to extremes. They worship Yon, the god of Unity. However, Radu was something of an anomaly. Despite best efforts of the Andromedans to help him fit in, Radu seemed uncomfortable and unhappy with his people's cultural mindset. So, he seemed the ideal candidate to send to the Starcademy when the UPP made the offer to the Andromedans to have one of their young people attend. Radu is the first, and so far, the only one, of his kind to join the Starcademy.


Sensible and intelligent enough to be a very capable member of the crew, Radu nonetheless has a problem relating to his shipmates, and tends to be somewhat shy and insecure, ardently wanting to "fit in", to have a "family" of his own. He really isn't at all comfortable with many of the teachings of his native culture, especially with regard to the lack of family structure, but does embrace some of its tenets (as in his quotation, "Loyalty is an Andromedan's greatest strength." in the episode, Trouble with Doubles). He also adheres to the Yonian belief that it is in bad taste to publically expose any of one's skin (except for the face for identification purposes), so he is never seen without long sleeves, pants and at least socks. This dual "handicap" of not relating completely in either situation complicates his studies, resulting in his failing grades (especially in Engineering) and his classification as a "space case".
He still has difficulty relating to his fellow Starcademy cadets. He's very aware of the budding trust and friendship with Harlan and is anxious to not do anything to jeopardize it (which occasionally tests the limits of even his extraordinary calm and patience). But, Radu finds that he's somewhat attracted to Suzee (although he'll never forget Elmira), and so is in competition with Harlan.
Although Radu himself was never enslaved by the Spung, he's heard many horrible stories about it, and the thought of becoming enslaved is one of his greatest fears.
Radu often hesitates when he speaks. While it is occasionally due to reluctance or insecurity, the majority of the time it is because of the enormous effort of concentration required to screen out all the extraneous noise his superior hearing picks up. He is actually too busy trying hear himself think.
Radu is so strong that sometimes he can forget himself , so he wears gloves with small inertial dampeners built into the palms. They prevent him from accidentally gripping things so tightly that he breaks them or leaves hand prints pressed into them.

Character Info provided by Eileen Parkman.

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