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Space Cases Update and Schedule
January 23, 1998

This information reposted with permission from ZaBaGaBe!

Greetings Space Cases!

Here we finally are again! An honest-to-goodness update for you! Things have been very hectic in the cyberworld and we thank you all for your patience. Things have been happening for your favorite SPACE CASES cast and crew members. There's sooooo much to tell you!  This Tuesday evening, at 9 PM Eastern, UPN will air a program entitled "ALIEN ABDUCTION: INCIDENT IN LAKE COUNTY". This one-hour program is being billed as a home video that is possible proof of the alien abduction of the MacPherson family of Minnesota this past Thanksgiving day. Just what does this have to do with SPACE CASES?? Well, if you look and listen closely, you'll recognize KRISTIAN AYRE as Thomas MacPherson! KRISTIAN filmed this piece as a TV movie (originally entitled THE MACPHERSON TAPES) in the beginning of November and now it will be used in this UPN pseudo-news presentation. Should prove interesting. On a down note, CBS has chosen to cancel it's entire live-action Saturday morning block, so there are no more episodes of THE NEW GHOSTWRITER MYSTERIES planned. The show is currently slated to complete it's run in September of this year. You can, however, write to the Children's Television Workshop and ask that they continue the show with another network, or perhaps return it to PBS and the original multi-part format. Contact them at their website:

And don't forget Kristian's new e-mail address:

RAHI AZIZI has been VERY busy indeed. In addition to his voice work on the latest animated Batman film, but he's just completed the additional dialogue recording for DEEP IMPACT, to be released this summer. RAHI has also completed the filming of his first appearance on THE NANNY (CBS, Jan. 28th) in what looks to be a recurring role. Hang on, we're not done yet!  RAHI is currently appearing at The Icehouse in LA doing stand-up AND is slated to host a kids' game show entitled "YOU'VE GOT THE POWER" AND he's been nominated for two Junior Academy Awards: One for his film work in DEMON IN A BOTTLE and the other for SPACE CASES.  Whew! PAUL BORETSKI spent the last few months shooting various shows. Many of you caught his appearance on GENE RODDENBERRY'S EARTH: FINAL CONFLICT. His tv police drama, COLD SQUAD, begins its run in Canada soon. If and when it comes to the States, we'll let you all know. PAIGE CHRISTINA has a new address for everyone to use to send her snail mail:

                  Paige Christina
                  Pacific Artists Management
                  Suite 1404-510 West Hastings Street
                  Vancouver, BC  V6B  1L8

And, of course, you can still reach her online at

You can find a lot of PETER DAVID'S works in the comic shops and bookstores. There's currently a digest-sized hardcover edition of the first four "Star Trek:The New Frontier" books out on the shelves, with #5 and #6 slated to hit the bookstores in Feb and March, respectively and "Captain Calhoun", part of the "Captain's Table" series, due on the shelves in September. You can also find "Babylon 5: In the Beginning" at the local bookstores now. Pay particular attention to the crew of the Lexington...some of those names will be familiar to you.

You can continue to see BECKY HERBST on the ABC daytime series, GENERAL HOSPITAL. You can also find some articles on her in "Soap Opera Weekly" and, according to member, you can this information in the Cast News and Gossip section of:

BILL MUMY continues his work as Lennier on BABYLON 5, as well as working with his band, the Jenerators, and on several film, tv, and comic projects. Bill will be appearing a a LOST IN SPACE convention in Hollywood on April 4-5, with the Jenerators being scheduled to perform on the evening of the 5th. And he'll be at AgamemCon II, at the Burbank Hilton in Burbank, CA on May 23-24. This information is courtesy of BILL'S new, officially-sanctioned fan club, MOTIF. For more information, contact, or write to:

       PO Box 164
       Ansonia, CT 06401

JEWEL STAITE has filmed another episode of Disney's HONEY, I SHRUNK THE KIDS. She has also been nominated for a GEMINI Award for her work on FLASH FORWARD. JEWEL has changed agents as well. Her new address is:

       Jewel Staite c/o Lisa King
       Northern Exposure
       1155 Melville Street, Suite 6
       Vancouver, BC   V6C 4C4 

And you can leave messages for Jewel at:

These are regularly forwarded to Jewel.

Well!! That was certainly a lot of news. On the writing campaign front, we need to up the volume of letters. With the re-opening on the SC Message Board on NICKELODEON ONLINE on AOL and the airing of the show daily on the Family Channel in Canada, there has been renewed interest in the show. While we do lose members to attrition and to people forgetting to give us their new e-mail addresses, we are receiving new members all the time. More and more people, kids and adults,  are finding the show and are enjoying it. So let's remind NICK and SCIFI just how much support there is for this program. Tell NICK that you'd like more episodes, or at least an hour special episode to wrap up the story. Remind them how much you'd like to see "We Gotta Get Out of This Place" and Spung At Heart". Tell SCIFI that you LOVE what they've done with cult classic, MYSTERY SCIENCE THEATRE 3000, and wouldn't it be GREAT to do the same for SPACE CASES. Be polite and be creative!  And continue, as always, to be enthusiastic! Here are those addresses again -- to refresh the memories of our regular members and to give the information to our newest members (welcome one and all!) NOTE the change to the NICKELODEON e-mail address:

Mr. Ian Valentine
Movie Development
The SciFi Channel
1230 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10020

Mr. Herb Scannell
1515 Broadway
New York, NY 10036

Herb Scannell

Ms. Lisa Clancy
Archway/Minstrel Books
Simon and Schuster
1230 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10020

And finally (I heard that cheering!), this week on SPACE CASES:

    Sun.   Jan. 25   The Sporting Kind        1:30 PM Eastern