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Space Cases Update aop.hchedule
December 27, 1997

This information reposted with permission from ZaBaGaBe!

Holiday Greetings one and all from the Command Crew of ZaBaGaBe!!

We wish you all the most peaceful and cosmic of holiday seasons, no matter what planet or galaxy you call home!

Many things have happened in the world of SPACE CASES this year -- some good, some not so good -- but through it all, you have been loyal fans and wonderful friends. Thank you all for your continued support and enjoyment of SPACE CASES and ZaBaGaBe! We couldn't do it without you!

Here's a holiday message for you all from PETER DAVID:

"...Bill and I appreciate all the support we've received and continued to receive. The Gizbot Follies fanzine is terrific. And somehow or other, the full story of the Christa will be told...this year. Whether it's on TV or online, we will tell it.


And from BILL MUMY:

"Thanks for keeping the faith...and holiday wishes from me to have safe ones."

Member has prepared a wonderful SC greeting card for you all -- you can view it at -- hope y'all enjoy it!

And now, an extra-special treat for you all -- our favorite outer space adventure was originally called WAY OUT and the theme song lyrics (thanks Bill!) were as follows (don't try matching it to the tune you know so well, it won't fit <g>)

There's a legend yet to be told of five students out in space
Where there is no air, the outside's cold, and the pizza's a disgrace!
They attended the Starcademy and were failing every class
They were on their final test, you see, and they had no hope to pass! 
Then disaster struck
Which was just their luck
They fell through a spatial rip
Took a one-way ride
To the other side
On a Milky WAY OUT trip... 
Now their journey's danger-filled but the kids have got some spunk
The Principle is not too thrilled she thought they all would flunk
With Bova, Rosie and Radu, and Commander Goddard's maps
Catalina, Harlan, Thelma, too, they'll make it home perhaps

There's no SC episode on this coming Sunday because of special programming, but the Christa and her crew will be back on Sunday, January 4th, 1998 with "Break on Through to the Other Side" -- Have a safe, joyful and peaceful holiday everyone!