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Harlan Ellison goes Space Cases!

March 25, 1998

While I was reading through the newsgroup, I saw a posting from Peter David:

Subject: Ellison on "Politically Incorrect"
Date: 25 Mar 1998 18:48:40 -0700

Harlan Ellison will be on "Politically Incorrect" tonight, Wednesday, 3/25, at 12:05 AM EST (which technically makes it 3/26, I suppose.)


So, I tuned in, and watched the show.  Harlan Ellison had his usual opinions to make [he's well known for his opinions almost as well as his books].  

A few days later, Peter posted in the newsgroup:

Subject: Well-attired Harlan Ellison
Date: 27 Mar 1998 12:16:31 GMT

For those of you who might have seen Harlan Ellison on "Politically Incorrect" this past Wednesday--and for those who didn't--I thought I'd mention that he was nattily attired in his official SPACE CASES crew jacket. Although the full
color logo on the back was only fleetingly visible, the Starcademy symbol and logo on the breast was in full display the entire show, particularly visible in close-ups.


So, for those that missed out, here is a screen shot of Harlan Ellison wearing his Space Cases crew jacket.

harlan_ellison-sc-crewjacket.jpg (15604 bytes)