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Prisoner Of
Season 1, Episode 10

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Space Cases - Season 1 Episode 10


Prisoner Of Luff

Production Number:


Original Air Date:

May 4, 1996

Story by:

Ted Jessup, Peter David, and Bill Mumy

Written By:

Magda Liolis

Directed By:

Otta Hanus

Guest Stars:

Daisy Eagan as Sofiana Mrtz
Walter Massey as Julian Mrtz
Mark Bromilow as the Official Looking Person
Mark Camacho as Warden Opus
Robert Higden as the Prisoner
John Topor as the Robot Guard
Sydney Symington as the Voice of Opus

Story Summary:

A prisoner scheduled for mindwipe puts Catalina in her cell and takes over the Christa in order to save a race from war.

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