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A Star
Is Boring
Season 2, Episode 10

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Space Cases - Season 2 Episode 10


A Star Is Boring

Production Number:

Original Air Date:


Written By:

Patricia Marx

Directed By:

David Straiton

Guest Stars:

Robin Leach as Utz
Carole Bureau as Women in ad
Richard Zeman as Beefy Guy

Story Summary:

Bova is feeling left out of the crew, so he sends out a signal to space. He claims to have an immortality potion, and that he is living proof at the age of 2,324,567 years old.
An alien contacts him, and makes him a star... but he soon finds out that lying was a bad idea, when its discovered he doesn't have a potion to sell, and the alien kidnaps him and puts him on display as the "oldest living creature"!

Story summaries compiled by Robert Rhodes, unless otherwise specified.
This page was last updated on January 21, 1997.