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Season 2, Episode 8

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Space Cases - Season 2 Episode 8


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Production Number:

Original Air Date:


Written By:

Peter David & Bill Mumy

Directed By:

John Fawcett

Guest Stars:


Story Summary:

The crew wish they could exchange bodies with one another. Suzee wants to be an android, Radu wants to be human, Harlan wants to be Andromedan, and so on...
However, things get strange when the crew get their wish, and the Christa doesn't respond to the crew!

Note: Listen for a reference to the "Narn" homeworld by Harlan... no doubt a reference to the Science Fiction series Babylon 5, where one of the major races is "Narn".

Story summaries compiled by Robert Rhodes, unless otherwise specified.
This page was last updated on December 1, 1996.