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Archive #5:
January 1, 2000 - December 24, 2001

(Archive #1 - Nov 19, 1996 - Jul 29, 1997)
(Archive #2 - Aug 1, 1997 - Dec 29, 1997)
(Archive #3 - Jan 11, 1998 - Nov 30, 1998)
(Archive #4 - Mar 1, 1999 - Dec 28, 1999)

December 24, 2001 Where did we go? Well, let us just say that there was paperwork, red tape, a great gnashing of teeth... Basically, we were attacked by Spung. We're back online though, and under a new name -!
May 29, 2000 The unaired pilot, "Breath of a Salesman," has been taken offline. As it turns out, we don't have the power on the server to even support one episode being streamed. (It keeps crashing the server.) Sorry fans. We'll continue to work on the problem, and have every intention to get "Breath," as well as the other episodes, back online as soon as we can.
May 23, 2000 Introducing a new section in the Behind The Scenes area: Episode Telescripts. Online now is "It's My Birthday Too (Yeah!)"
May 2, 2000 Due to the load on our server, we've had to remove the episodes of Space Cases. However, we're keeping "Breath of a Salesman" online, as we can handle one episode's load requirements. It seemed to be the wisest choice, since it's the only episode that's never been aired. We'll continue to work on this problem, and hopefully get it fixed in the near future.
April 27, 2000 Cleaned up and slimmed down the Links page.
April 18, 2000 Now online in the Episodes section: It's My Birthday, Too (Yeah!).
March 30, 2000 Now online in the Episodes section: Desperately Seeking Suzee.
March 2, 2000 The anniversary of the premiere episode of Space Cases is here! So, to celebrate this event:
Now online in the Episodes section: Breath of a Salesman (The Unaired Pilot Episode of Space Cases.)
February 29, 2000 Now online in the Episodes section: Nowhere Man.
February 15, 2000 Now online in the Episodes section: Forever Young
(Spung At Heart has been delayed, but will be coming soon.)
February 1, 2000 Now online in the Episodes section: A Day In The Life
January 18, 2000 Now online in the Episodes section: Who Goes Where?
January 1, 2000 We're happy to report that the crew of the Christa has found the glitch in the Space Cases website!
It turns out there was a missing section!

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