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Archive #1:
November 19, 1996 - July 29, 1997

(Current Archive: Jul 2, 2003 - Present)
(Archive #2: Aug 1, 1997 - Dec 29, 1997)
(Archive #3 - Jan 11, 1998 - Nov 30, 1998)
(Archive #4: Mar 1, 1999 - Dec 28, 1999)
(Archive #5: Jan 1, 2000 - Dec 24LODE01)
July 29  The NotePAD section is now available online for the first season episode Who Goes Where?
July 27  Keep Those Letters Going! 
Episode Details for Forever Young are now available. 
July 20  Episode Details for Truth Hurts and Homeward Bound are now available. 
July 19  Pictures from A Day In The Life, The Impossible Dram, and On The Road To Find Out are now available in the Downloads area. 
July 17  ZaBaGaBe!! Celebrates First Anniversary! 
Check out CAEmery's Website for addresses to write to some of the stars of the show! 
Part One of the Peter David interview from the online newsletter ZaBaGaBe is now online in the PAD area. 
July 15  A new section is being added to the Episode Details area. The NotePAD section of the Details pages will contain ... well... Notes from co-creator and writer Peter A. David (PAD). 

The NotePAD section is now available online for the first season episode We Gotta Get Out Of This Place
Episode Details for King of the Hil are now available. 

July 13  Pictures from Prisoner of Luff are now online in the Downloads area. 
July 12  Nick Cuts SC's Evening Timeslot! Write Them! Let Them Know How You Feel! 
July 8  I've downloaded AOL's Instant Messenger software for Win95, and am using the username SCShark
If you IM me, and I ignore you... it's because I'm busy. Don't take it personally. 
July 7  A MIDI file from Space Cases' second season theme song now plays on the main page (/) Special thanks to Tracey Rich for creating and providing this MIDI file. 
Netscape or Internet Explorer required. AOL users will probably have to use one of these web-browsing utilities to hear the music. 
July 6  Episode Details for New Places, New Faces and Long Distance Calls are now available. 
Pictures for Who Goes Where? and Desperately Seeking Suzee, are now online. 
July 5  Episode Details for The Sporting Kind are now available. 
July 2  Deadline For Set Storage Extended! Keep Writing Those Letters! 
June 29  Episode Details for Spung At Heart are now available. 
June 27  Keep Writing! Your Letters Continue To Make The Difference! 
June 26  Episode Details for We Gotta Get Out Of This Place are now available. 
June 25  Episode Details for Who Goes Where? are now available. 
June 24  A new section, Episode Details, is now online. This section will attempt to go over information hidden away in each episode. Items included are a Plot Summary, Ongoing Story and Character Developments, Unanswered Questions, Memorable Lines, Glitches, Trivia, Inside Jokes and References. 
Currently online is detailed information on the first season episode A Day In The Life
June 20  Sci-Fi Channel Playing Waiting Game: Write To Nick! Ask Them To Release Space Cases! 
June 19  An unused script, Same Old, Same Old, is now online in the PAD area! 
June 18  Several pictures have been added to the X-fficial Space Cases website's Behind The Scenes section! 
June 12  The Campaign Continues: Space Cases' News & Updates 
June 7  PAD Reports: SciFi Channel Sends Memo To Nick -  
They Want Space Cases! 
June 3  SciFi Channel Unsure About Space Cases 
Write Those Letters! NOW OR NEVER!! 
May 28  Meeting With SciFi Channel Coming Up This Week! Your Letters Make The Difference! 
May 15  Interest in Space Cases Continues! Sci-Fi Channel Considering Movies! 
May 3  Sci-Fi Channel Shows Interest Inign=Space Cases. Write-in your support of the show to them NOW! 
April 10  PAD Responds: Letter Writing Campaign is Working! 
March 19  PAD Responds to Questions Writing Nickelodeon 
March 15  Space Cases cancelled by Nickelodeon... What You Can Do NOW... 
Jan 8  Write in and support the show! Addresses and info to send letters 
Jan 7, 1997  Show is moved from SNICK to Sunday evenings... PAD Comments on move (1/7/97) 
Dec 31, 1996  Final Four Airdate List... PAD comments on mixup (12/31/96) 
Dec 24  Final Four Episodes Scheduled to air Out Of Order (12/24/96) 

Newsgroup Created, but Users Can't Locate the Newsgroup (12/24/96) 

Dec 20  Links to the Internet Movie Database updated (12/20/96) 
Dec 5  Peter David on the rumor of the end of Space Cases (12/5/96) 
Nov 19  Paul Boretski's/Commander Goddard's abscence explained 

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