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M"intng With SciFi Channel Coming Up This Week!
Your Letters Make The Difference!

This information reposted with permission from ZaBaGaBe!

Greetings Earthers!! Some GREAT news for all SPACE CASES fans! NICKELODEON is not planning to stop showing the reruns in the near future AND they've finally listened to us all and are planning to air the first season episodes!! Here's what NickOpTery, the current NickOp for the AOL SPACE CASES board, had to say:

First of all, Space Cases is not being cancelled. It will remain on Nickelodeon and has no intentions on going anywhere, however, it is no longer in production. As far as the first 13 episodes of Space Cases, they will all air very soon. This is the breakdown of scheduling that I have so far:

Episode #5 - June 15/ 1:30 PM [NOTE: Forever Young -- Ei]
Episode #6 - June 15/ 5:30 PM [NOTE: Nowhere Man -- Ei]
Episode #9 - June 22/5:30 PM [NOTE: Tie Me Kangaroo Down, Court -- Ei]
Episode #10- June 22/1:30 PM [NOTE: The Impossible Dram -- Ei]
Episode #11- June 29/5:30 PM [NOTE: Break on Through to the Other Side -- Ei]

Nothing else has been scheduled yet, as far as we know, but they do plan on airing the rest of the first 13 episodes in the near, near future. And most importantly, Space Cases will not be leaving our airwaves.That is about it for now.
Speak to you soon.


Now, we don't know why NICK chose to not air the episodes in order, but at least we're FINALLY getting the first season episodes!! So get those VCRs tuned up and lay in a supply of tapes!

We're coming down to the wire on the first meeting with the SciFi Channel -- and it was YOUR letters that made the difference -- keep it up, folks -- you've done a WONDERFUL job and you should all be very, very proud of how you've stuck with it!! Keep writing those terrific letters!! Here's the addresses:

Mr. Ian Valentine
Movie Development
The SciFi Channel
1230 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10020
And don't forget to write to: Ms. Lisa Clancy
Archway/Minstrel Books
Simon and Schuster
1230 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10020
**AND** her e-mail address:
And now, thank NICKELODEON for listening and finally re-airing season one (don't grumble -- it's always best to be gracious and "It does pay to be polite." ) -- let's see if we can talk them into showing a SPACE CASES marathon! Let's try to get them to "SPACE OUT FOR A DAY"! Mr. Herb Scannell
1515 Broadway
New York, NY 10036
Be sure to write a letter to the Programming Department/Viewer Services (use the above address), too.

Interest in Space Cases Continues!
Sci-Fi Channel Considering Movies!

This information reposted with permission from ZaBaGaBe!

The letter writing campaign is going extremely well!! You folks are really making an impact! Here's what Bill and Peter had to say this week:
From Bill Mumy:

The "Original Movies for the SCI FI channel" guy just requested more SC episodes to see... We're meeting with him (Dietz and I anyway) early next month in Hollyweird. To quote Sonny Bono... "And the beat goes on..." From Peter David: Some further details on the June 2 meeting with SciFi...It's going to be with Ian Valentine, who is the head of Movie development. He has zero awareness of SPACE CASES or the following it has. Yet he's the key guy who will decide on the possibility of TV movies. So if you want to steer the fans in his direction, now is the time (it also further explains why the programming person knew zero about it. If it's currently going through the TV movie pipeline, naturally regular-series programming wouldn't be involved.) Once again, it's YOUR letters and support for the show have gotten it this far -- So we must continue to show the network executives just how much interest and enthusiasm there is for SPACE CASES. With Bill and Peter meeting with the SciFi Channel original movie folks, this would be a good time to write to Mr. Valentine, telling him how you'd love to see a series of SPACE CASES movies. Since NICKELODEON doesn't seem interested in showing us season one again, perhaps we could suggest that SciFi combine all of season one into a movie, then all of season two, then NEW stories. Or, whatever other serious suggestions you might have. Be creative but not silly. Let them know what you'd like to see for the crew of the Christa. Here's the address: Mr. Ian Valentine
Movie Development
The SciFi Channel
1230 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10020
And don't forget to write to: Ms. Lisa Clancy
Archway/Minstrel Books
Simon and Schuster
1230 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10020
**AND** her e-mail address:
And don't give up on NICKELODEON -- tell them you really want them to re-air seaon one!! We checked with the Programming Department this week and so far, there's no plans to stop showing SPACE CASES throughout the summer. Mr. Herb Scannell
1515 Broadway
New York, NY 10036
Be sure to write a letter to the Programming Department/Viewer Services (use the above address), too.

Sci-Fi Channel Interested in Space Cases!
Send Those Letters To Sci-Fi Channel NOW!

This information reposted with permission from ZaBaGaBe!

May 3, 1997

Sorry for yelling, but I'm very excited. I just received the following e-mail from Peter David (and also heard the same news from Bill Mumy) and I just HAD to pass it right along.
Now it is VERY important that we step up the mail and support. Tell the SciFi Channel how old you are, how your family and friends watch SPACE CASES, and tell them *what* you like about it. Give them a review or two -- let them know what's captured your imagination about the show -- be constructive so they know there's real support here.
Here's the SciFi address again:

Mr. Barry Schulman
The SciFi Channel
1230 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10020

Those of you with Web Pages and Newsletters, print out copies and send them to SciFi! I've already started formatting the ZaBaGaBe newsletters to have a nice look and will send them right off as soon as I print them. And now I'll let you read Peter's comments. YOUR LETTERS *ARE* MAKING A DIFFERENCE!

ZaBaGaBe!! The Unofficial Online SPACE CASES Fan Club
After doing preliminary investigation, Sci-Fi Channel's interest in picking up SPACE CASES has grown. We've sent them even more info about the show, including our bible, and a thick sheaf of positive reviews from when the series first debuted.

And I strongly suspect that the flood of supportive letters going to the SFC have also had a major effect. For that matter, it occurs to me (particularly if they want to see reviews) that if fans are producing fanzines, web pages and such, that they should be sending print-outs of those as well to SFC, just to show them the amount of support and excitement the series generates.

Basically, we want to show them that the series has the same beginnings of support that eventually grew into tidal waves of support for such series as "Trek" and "B5"...and, for that matter, MST3K.


Peter David Responds:
Letter Writing Campaign is Having an Effect!

Date: April 10, 1997

HEY! Listen Up! The letter writing campaign is DEFINATELY having an effect!! Here is what Peter David has recently said about this letter-writing business:

Okay, here's what's happening:

1) Nickelodeon has given us the okay to shop the show around to networks that are non-competitive. That rules out Disney and Fox Kids, so forget about those.

2) However...talks have begun with the Sci-Fi Channel. They are open to the idea. Discussing exactly what they're open to would be premature at this point. However, *now* is the time to write to Sci-Fi Channel. Letters should be addressed to:

Barry Schulman
Sci-Fi Channel
1230 Avenue of the Americas
NY NY 10020.

The bottom line is that the letter ca progn is having an impact. If the fans stay on it, we may actually be able to pull this off.


It's working! We've GOT to write more letters! Now more than ever!! Write to Barry Schulman [at the address above] as well as Nickelodeon (we want them to show the first season of Space Cases) and Simon & Schuster (we want them to make some Space Cases books) Addresses are listed below. This can work! Lets all make it happen!

Peter David Responds to Questions
About Writing To Nickelodeon

From: (Padguy)
Subject: PAD on writing in
Date: 19 Mar 1997 15:21:29 GMT

I'm getting a ton of people asking me whether writing in to Nickelodeon could do anything to help the series or change their minds. The answer is: I don't know. That's the type of thing that has happened in the past, but only on very rare occasions, because it takes so many letters to even get a network's attention. But the bottom line is that fan support brought TREK back. Fan support has been what has kept B5 and X-FILES on the air until such time that the general public finally caught up with the series. X-FILES took three years to become a genuine TV-measurable success; same with B5. And that's three years of 22 episodes each. We had two seasons of 13 episodes each, during which we were moved five times, and pre-empted--sometimes for weeks in a row.

I don't want to tell you what to say because I don't want to come across as if I'm instigating anything here (I'm not) nor do I want the letters all to sound like pull-quotes from me. But I've been deluged with e-mail questions, and so I'm responding in as straight-forward a manner as possible. The bottom line is that *if* Nick will listen to anyone, it will be you. E-mail gets little-to-no attention. You'd have to take the time to print out a letter and mail it to: Nickelodeon, 1515 Broadway, NY NY 10036.

And yes, there is supposed to be a series of SPACE CASES books, although I'm unclear of the status on that since Nick pulled the plug. Which is a shame considering that Bill and I were supposed to write some of them.

If you want to write, write. It's a longshot at best. But as they say in the lottery: Hey. You never know.


Space Cases Cancelled by Nick!
What You Can Do NOW
To Save The Show

The following is reprinted with permission from ZaBaGaBe@Aol.Com.

Hello Space Casers --
Yes, NICKELODEON has made it's decision and it's not the one we want to hear -- They have chosen to NOT renew Space Cases :( --
WHOA!! I'm just as upset as you are, but there are things we can do about this. First, get out those pads of paper again and BURY Nickelodeon in POLITE letters telling them just how very disappointed you are that they have cancelled this wonderful show, and that you' hope they will go ahead with the planned books based on the series. Also, would they consider doing an hour special to finish up the story, or, better yet, consider Space Cases as one of their next feature film projects. Point out how very hot science fiction is right now, with the re-release of the Star Wars trilogy.
Also, send a copy of your letter to Herb Scannell, the President of Nickelodeon. He just did an interview in TV Guide saying how much he wants original programming and positive role models, especially for girls. How much more positive can it get than 5 kids running the ship and solving the problems each episode? Let him know how you feel about it.

Okay, don't put away that pen yet. Now, write to the SciFi Channel and suggest that they pick up the show. Tell them how excellently it will fit into their programming and how the show is the work of Bill Mumy and Peter David. Tell them what you like about the show and how much you'd love to see it become part of their original programming lineup. Mention other SciFi Channel shows you watch, like The Odyssey and MST3K, and how much you like their programming.

Here are the addresses you need:

Mr. Herb Scannell
1515 Broadway
New York, NY 10036
Programming Director
SciFi Channel
1230 Avenue of the Americas
New York, NY 10020

You can also e-mail the SciFi Channel -- they seem to be more apt to listen to their e-mail -- but be sure you write LOTS of letters, too -- send e-mail to:

Lastly, we are NOT closing up shop here at ZaBaGaBe!! -- we still love this show and its cast and crew and especially enjoy being with all of you. We will continue to have newsletters, interviews, reviews, comments and all sorts of fun stuff. And we want to continue hearing from you!
We've got to work hard and get all of our friends to join in the campaign so the show doesn't die! It *IS* possible -- several shows have transferred over to the SciFi Channel and Space Cases is just perfect for them -- keep at it!

Fans Unite! What You Can Do
To Promote The Show

The following is reprinted with permission from ZaBaGaBe@Aol.Com.

Okay -- letLODEstart by saying it's just great to see everyone so involved! Now is the time to put your energy and passion for Space Cases to good use!
I've been involved for YEARS (remember, I'm an ancient adult here <g>) with science fiction and fantasy fandom. I was part of the now-almost-legendary campaign for the third season of the original Star Trek series, and, most recently, helped get a third season of another show, Forever Knight, on the air -- so, please listen to what I have to say because I've done this before and know it can work.
First, DON'T WRITE HATE MAIL! This doesn't help anything. It only makes Space Cases and the fans look bad.
Okay -- that out of the way, here's the best thing you can do: WRITE LETTERS!!! I'm not talking about e-mail or petitions. as Peter David said:

  • "Keep in mind that if the kids are going to write, they should send snail mail rather than e-mail: the latter carries no weight, really. And it should be addressed to 'Executive in Charge of Production'."

I've been told by a friend who sells TV advertising, that each hand-written letter can represent the opinion of 1,000 people to the networks and sponsors. So, get out your pens and paper and write polite, neatly-written (or printed) letters. Don't have a lot of people sign them. Have everyone write their own. Tell the people how much you love Space Cases, that you want to see more Space Cases and would love to have Space Cases books, actions figures, and so on. I've put the addresses for Nickelodeon below, so you can address your letters to the right people. And you can write more than one letter, just mail them separately.
Another letter you can write is to the advertisers of Space Cases on Nickelodeon. This past Sunday, during "Runaway", the advertiser was Post Cereals. I've included the address of Post's company offices and of their advertising agency. Write to them and tell them you love Space Cases and you saw the ads for their cereal on the show and hope they'll continue to advertise there. Mention Sunday's episode and the commercials for Waffle Crisp and Cocoa Pebbles. And, if you happen to have any Post cereals on your shelf, send them the proof of purchase or box top off the package.
You will most likely get "form letters" in return. These are computer generated letters saying, basically, "Gee, thanks for writing." But don't be discouraged. Nickelodeon and Post get THOUSANDS of letters every day and this is the only way they can reply. But your letters will count!
Okay -- enough fo me telling you what to do -- get out there and write those letters! Show them all just how many Space Casers are out there and how much we love the show!


Write to any or all of the following:

  1. Majorie Cohn, Executive in Charge of Production
  2. Adam Bonnett, Executive in Charge of Production
  3. Viewer Services

and the address to follow each is:

Space Cases
1515 Broadway
New York, NY 10036

The Post Cereal addresses are:

  • Consumer Affairs
    Post Cereal Division
    Kraft Foods, Inc.
    1 Kraft Court
    Glenview, IL 60025
  • Post Cereals
    c/o Grey Advertising
    777 Third Avenue
    New York, NY 10017

Show moves to Sunday Timeslot -
PAD Responds to Questions

Everyone has been concerned about the move from SNICK to Sunday evenings for the show. When I asked Peter David about this recently, these were his thoughts:
  • My feelings are as follows:

    It's no secret that SF series take longer to build an audience. Nick has known this going in. Hopefully the increasing interest in the series will prompt them to renew the series. Whether we're in SNICK or not isn't that important to me; indeed, if the 6:30 slot makes the show more accessible to younger viewers, fine.


According to ZaBaGaBe@Aol.Com, Space Cases did well last Sunday in the ratings.
Usually, I don't give opinions here... just information. But I've had several people send me emails about the timeslot change.
My opinion is this: Is the move from Saturday night to Sunday night annoying? Yes. But it doesn't change the show. The episodes just continue to get better. Those who really enjoyed the show will continue to watch it. Those who have never seen the show, because they didn't have time on Saturday night, or whatever, will now get a chance to see it. Nobody likes change, but I don't mind tuning in Sunday night as opposed to Saturday night... I'd tune in any night to catch the show. Jan 7

Final Four Episode Dates -
PAD Comments on Mixup

First, let me say Happy New Year! ZaBaGaBe! :)
Ok, here is the latest.
This Sunday (1/5/97), at 6:30pm Eastern, is the first day of the new timeslot for Space Cases. As far as I can tell, the 12:30pm timeslot on Sunday is in the same place.
Runaway will air on 1/5/97.
The Trouble With Doubles will air on 1/12/97.
A Star Is Boring airs on 1/19/97.
And the last Season 2 episode, A Friend In Need, should air 1/26/97.
This is a mess. When I asked Peter David about all this, this is what he had to say:
  • Ostensibly, they're now telling me that RUNAWAY is next weekend...except the cable guide lists "A STAR IS BORING." But they're now telling me that "STAR" is scheduled to run in the third weekend of January...which is incredibly wrong, because Goddard is supposed to be in the last two episodes, "DOUBLES" and "FRIEND." If they run them out of order, Goddard is going to appear and disappear without explanation.


Good grief. The best guess I can come up with is that Nickelodeon just plain, old fashioned, messed up.
The above schedule might not be %100 correct... but it is as accurate as I can get it at this time. Dec 31

Nick Airs Final Four
Episodes out of Order

The next episode is supposed to be "A Star Is Boring"... but the Nickelodeon schedule says that the next new episode will be "Runaway". I've asked Peter David about this, and he said "I dunno what the heck is going on, to be honest. I'm going to try and find out tomorrow."
Any new info I get I'll put here. Dec 24

Newsgroup Created - Mysterious
Location of Newsgroup Explained

Some people are reporting problems finding The problem is, some Internet providers haven't downloaded the new group to their systems, so users can't find the newsgroup. Contact your Internet provider and ask them about the newsgroup.
I've also heard that the same problem has been occuring with AOL members. I'm not familiar with AOL, so I don't know what the problem is. I'd recommend asking AOL for help. Dec 24 - The newsgroup is now up and running. Check it out! Dec 20

Links to Internet Movie
Database Updated

I've updated the crew pages with correct links to the Internet Movie Database. If you want to know more about what the actors and actresses have done, just click on their picture.
The only one that doesn't work yet is Rosie's page... while Space Cases lists her name as "Paige Christina", the Internet Movie Database lists her as "Christina Paige". I'm currently looking into this to find out what in the world is going on, and hope to have it all figured out shortly.
- Also, those of you that couldn't download the pictures from the crew pages should now be able to do so. I've included direct links to the pictures, so you can save them. Dec 19

PAD squashes rumors of
Space Cases early ending

Shark: Who's idea was the reference to the Narn homeworld in "Both Sides Now"?

PAD: The Narn homeworld joke was mine.

Shark: Where did the rumor about the end of Space Cases come from?

PAD: The rumor is generated by a misinformed fan who saw the ad that's been running for over a month which features the kids talking about what they'll do when they get home. The guy who started this rumor is misinformed and flat-out wrong. We have another five episodes to air, none of which feature them getting home. These include guest shots by such varied folks as Katie Sagal ("Married with Children"), Robin Leach, and George Takei. It'd be a shame if people stopped watching simply because of one erroneous fan.

Shark: When will we know if there is a Season 3 of Space Cases?

PAD: We should know by January if we're picked up.

Peter David explains
Boretski/Goddard's absence...

In terms of Boretski:

Nothing at all is wrong with the actor. What's happening is that Nickelodeon wants to put more and more emphasis on the kids, and believe the way to do it is to cut back, and even cut out, the adult characters. Commander Goddard will only be in a total of six episodes this season. If you feel the diminishment of the character is something you're not happy with, I strongly suggest you write to:

att: Marjorie Cohn
1515 Broadway
New York, NY 10036.


UPDATE: Several fans, including myself, wrote letters to Nick concerning the absence of Paul. With so many letters rolling into Nick's offices, they sent out a generic reply to everyone.
I've included the reply that I received here for future reference. -Robert

Space Cases Newsgroup Proposal

This is a proposal for the creation of

Space Cases is a weekly SF TV show on Nickelodeon that is in the middle of iffesecond season. Discussion of the show seems to be divided among,,, and occassionally

Because of this spread, many threads are cross-posted, but some threads only exist in one group or another, making it very difficult to keep up with the news.

Creating would provide a central forum to discuss the program, making it easier to follow threads and eliminating most of the cross-posting.

If you like the idea of, please post a response so we can prove the group will get some traffic. [Follow up discussion should go solely to alt.config.] Barring unforeseen obstacles (overwhelming opposition, underwhelming support), I hope to have the group created after about a week of discussion (per alt.config recommendations).
-------------------> Elisabeth Anne Riba * <-------------------