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With Doubles
Season 2, Episode 12

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Space Cases - Season 2 Episode 12


Trouble With Doubles
Production Number:

Original Air Date:


Written By:

Joshua Levin & Benjamin Zackheim

Directed By:

Jeff Blyth

Guest Stars:

Marcel Jeannin as Ruzzlian Officer

Story Summary:

While Bova is getting some training from Harlan on how to fly the Christa, they fly by an old satellite where a Doppleganger gets on board the ship. (The Doppleganger is a creature of energy that creates evil twins of people.) The evil twins begin to take over the ship, make plans to get rid of the good twins, and do other evil things. The Space Cases must stop the evil twins before its too late!

Story summaries compiled by Robert Rhodes, unless otherwise specified.
This page was last updated on January 13, 1997.