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A Friend
In Need
Season 2, Episode 13

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Space Cases - Season 2 Episode 13


A Friend In Need

Production Numberimag/b>

Original Air Date:


Written By:

Peter David & Bill Mumy

Directed By:

Adam Weissman

Guest Stars:

George Takei as Warlord Shank
Jason Cavalier as Yox
Shana David as Pezu

Story Summary:

The Space Cases check out a space station that was recently attacked by Spung.
When they board the station, they find a computer (Pezu) in charge. They soon realize that Pezu is so lonely that she forces Suzee to stay, kidnaps Harlan, Radu, and Goddard, and gives Thelma a computer virus... which causes Thelma to start hunting down Davenport, Bova, and Rosie so that she can tear them to shreds. In the meantime, Warlord Shank is on the way back to the station.

Story summaries compiled by Robert Rhodes, unless otherwise specified.
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